Error getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND arch.homework


I try to complete registration but when i send request through POSt method my data it appears error like below

POST http://arch.homework/auth/register

Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND arch.homework

Please help to fix it. Thank you

Best regards

Hey @avarguzova :wave:

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Are you following some documentation for this API, can you share this and the request you’re sending, please?

It’s going to be difficult to answer this without that contextual information.

This error relates to not being about to resolve the given hostname - Are you sure that the details you are entering are valid and correct?

arch.homework doesn’t seem like a publicly accessible server.

.homework doesn’t seem to be a valid domain name extension.

Is this a work/intranet server?

Hello, thank you for answer


I fill data below and push Send

“username”: “{{username1}}”,
“password”: “{{password1}}”,
“email”: “{{email1}}”,
“firstName”: “{{firstName1}}”,
“lastName”: “{{lastName1}}”,
“phone”: “{{phone1}}”

What you are sending isn’t the problem at this point in time, the ENOTFOUND error is telling you that it can’t find the server.

Where is the arch.homework server\domain located? It doesn’t appear to be an Internet address, so is it something local on your home or work network?