Error 404 Not found while using SOAP with WSDL

My first time working using SOAP API calls with WSDL and have some troubles, I have done almost what all the same as other tutorials, blogs, videos, even copied the same Body from SOAP UI where it works fine but always I get a " 404 Not found " response, many blogs and the same blog from Postman says that I need to choose the Content Type XML (text/xml) but are not updated ( ) , then and fourtunately I found a video where it updates the Header section to use the Content Type required, but get another issue, I can’t update that header, what I did is disable that header then add a new one with required value: text/xml, here is the video with the way to do it

The XML body I created using the Wizdler add on for Chrome, and following previous steps, still displaying the same damn error " 404 Not found ", so, what I’m doing wrong?? any ideas??