Error 404 Bad Request

I’m making a new request via POST, using the option Body: x-www-form-urlencoded, when informing the parameters: username, password, company, type and clicking send the error 404 Bad Request is informed.

I would like to know what could have happened?

Something in your request is wrong. We won’t be able to tell which element from a screenshot as we don’t know what your API needs.

This is where you would normally have a conversation with the developer, who hopefully has documented the API.

If you really don’t have documentation or access to the developer but have the website connected and access to the front end, then you could try the capture requests features so you can see what is being sent\received to double check the headers and responses. (as it does look like the issue is with one of your headers, as the API call doesn’t seem to have any other parameters).

Hi @victorhenrique38

Agree with @mdjones above, but also, don’t forget to save your changes, the orange dot at the top suggests you have changed things and not saved them. This could stop things from working as you would still be sending the older version of your API call.