Environment Variables does not updated properly on run time with Newman run on Bamboo

I try to run automatically my automated rest apis with newman on Bamboo.
Here are the steps:

  • I export my postman collection and environment variables as a json.
  • Push collection and environment variables to Bitbucket.
  • Then add a task to Bamboo Deployment phase to run my postman collection as : " ./node_modules/.bin/newman run testautomation/API-Test-Collection.postman_collection.json -r junitxray --reporter-junitxray-export ./examples/xray/result.xml -e testautomation/alfa.postman_environment.json --export-environment testautomation/alfa.postman_environment.json "
    After trigger the pipeline and finished, while review the result i figured out that some enviroment variables are null and some variables with a value are not passed to the next request so only first request executed succussefuly and the others fail.

Environment Variable Json File:

Do you have any recommendation to overcome this urgent problem?

Postman Version : 9.1.1
Newman Version: 5.3.0

You can overcome this problem by following the instructions in this document : A Beginner's Guide to Automated API Testing (Postman/Newman)