Environment specific vault values

I have an environment specific secret value, for example an API key. I want to store this value in Postman Vault, but be able switch between keys when changing environments and reference only 1 variable. Is this possible?

environment: env1
my_api_key = {{vault:my_api_key_env1}}

environment: env2
my_api_key = {{vault:my_api_key_env2}}

Post request
Auth-header={{my_api_key}} (scope env)

Have you tried it? Sounds like it should work.

The variable from inside the environment value doesnโ€™t get resolved and comes as a string {{vault:my_api_key_env1}}

You canโ€™t console log it in scripts as it will show as a string.

You canโ€™t retrieve the values in scripts either.

You can only use the vault values in certain places like the request body, authentication tabs, URL, etc.

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