Don't have permission to delete my own environment

I often need to delete and recreate a collection or environment because changes have been made outside of Postman. Usually this is fine, but in this case I have an environment that I imported that I am unable to delete.

As you can see from the screenshot, hovering over the ‘Delete’ button yields an error -

You do not have permissions to preform this action.


Note that I am also unable to add variables to the environment, or add an ‘initial’ value.

Clicking on ‘Request Access’ results in an error from the Postman website -

Note that I’m not part of a team, and the only workspace I have is “My Workspace”. However, if I view my workspace through, the environment that I wish to delete does not appear.

How can I delete this environment?

Hi @David_Gard,

Welcome to the community :wave:

Could you try to sign-out and sign-in and see if that resets the access over the imported environments for you? If the issue persists, navigate to this link here and see if the environment is associated with any Workspace?

If not, click on “Share” to have it associated with one. Hope this helps!