Do we have the ability to create own separate method in Postman and call it in an another request?

Hello, I have two ordinary requests for login(each time a new login and password). I have to use it in each collection. It very difficult to support thus requests for login with big amount of collections. Do we have the ability to make requests for login as a separate method? The main idea that - I will change parametres for login requests in one place and changes will be used in all other places. Thank you in advance.

Hi there @Aleksey_Tishevich -

If you’d like to change the login and password information in one place, and have the changes updated in all other places where this information is used, you can use variables.

For example, if you have multiple collections where you use login and password, you can create an environment containing this login info, use the environment with multiple collections, and update this info in one spot.