Did I configure SSO correctly

I have set SSO with Azure, I manage to identify myself to azure but the result is 500 from GetPostman with the comment:
“Something went wrong. Our engineers are working on fixing this as soon as possible”
so I was thinking maybe the engineers aren’t really working towards that and maybe I configured it wrong, any clues?


Hi @forumDude,

The 500 error usually refers to a signature mismatch between the values set in the X.509 certificate field on the Postman configuration page as shown below and the authentication certificate issued by your identity provider.
You may have already had a look at the Documentation related to Azure AD SSO configuration, but if there is any chance, you might not have, here it is: https://learning.getpostman.com/docs/postman-enterprise/sso/saml-in-azure-ad/
Anyhow, I think sending a screenshot of the error message to help@getpostman.com would help in resolving your issue quicker.