Delay between schedule time and execution time for a monitor

Hi all,

Just started with the usage of monitors.
I would like to run an API every hour and I see that monitors can help me.
However, there is a delay between the schedule (every hour - so for example 9 PM) and the execution:

21:00:48Preparing run.
21:02:33Preparing run.
21:03:35Preparing run.
21:03:54Running…Hide run logs

Line Number Timestamp Console Output
1 21:03:56 XXXXX Monitor started
2 21:03:56 XXXXX API
3 21:03:56 POST https://xxxxxx/
4 21:03:58 xxxx Monitor finished

Is there a way to start the API execution without delay ?
What does “preparing run…” mean and can I speed up that process ?

Thanks for your help,

Due to resource optimization, no automation server does everything at an exact time as this causes spikes in usage.

If you need such exact timing, maybe the Postman monitor is not the best tool for the job.