Delay and retry between the execution of 2 requests


I want to put some delay and retry between the execution of 2 requests until i get the completed status of an order in the 1st request(Get_Product_Order).

Here using below code, i am getting the timeout for 3secs but setNextRequest is not getting executed.

if (status !== "completed")
    setTimeout(() =>{postman.setNextRequest("Get_Product_Order");}, 3000);

Are you are using the “Send” button from the request or are you using a Runner? If it’s the first, setNextRequest() will do nothing. See here more more info.

You are correct… i was trying with the send button. Now its working fine with the runner. Thanks a lot for your help.

One thing I am facing issue further: in the setNextRequest() i am using a csv file for different data set. But everytime its taking the 1st row data. May be i am not that pro in the looping . It would be great if you can suggest anything on this.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any insight into this myself. It would depend on how you’re getting the CSV data. If it’s as a data file in a Runner, then the row used is the current iteration; it doesn’t change with new requests.

Thanks for your reply… Need to find out some way. Thanks for your time to resolve the 1st issue.