Default Mock response when exact match fails

Hello team,

I’ve used the search in postman + googled + stackoverflowed this before I decided to ask.

Is there a way to default to a particular example response when exact url match fails


When calling →, I need to see the example response created for bmw

This works well with wildcard variable, however it’s a catchall for all examples in the collection.

What I need instead is a specific catchall for all bmw example responses, then when I have requests for

audi would serve as a catch all for audi not the bmw one.

I really hope this makes sense, thanks for the help!

Hi @supply-technologist8

I’m not sure I fully understand what you are trying to achieve, but here is a link for info on the matching algorithm…

If this doesn’t help could you provide a little more clarity?
I’m not sure what is meant by ‘catch all’ as my understanding is, that you would only return 1 example at a time depending on the response.

Hi @w4dd325 James,

Thanks for your reply, I will try to get explain better.

Say I have several example requests with example responses

POST url/path/audi_123
POST url/path/audi_456
POST url/path/audi

Every request sent to name_* which is not a match to _123 and _456 I need to resolve to the default audi one

For example POST url/path/audi_0007 as not found should use the response in url/path/audi one instead.

Something like a wildcard variable to match not existing examples as described in the link you provided, but to somehow match the substring i.e. audi

So for my other examples in the collection I have which are


If I send a request to path/bmw_420 I then get not the bmw response but the audi one, because the matching alg is ordering them and gives me the top one.

So Id like to have a default reaponse for a particular group if that makes sense.

Thank you

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