Day2: POST raw text & GET query params TEST fail


I finished the Day 2 challenge (passed all 5/5 final tests)

But not sure why the POST raw text test is failing - can you point out where I went wrong?

Many thanks,

I’m looking at the day 2 challenge, and the “POST raw text” request is created by renaming the “echo” request that is part of the fork.

The “GET with query params” is then cloned from the renamed request.

The “echo” request doesn’t have any initial tests, so where did the code you have in the tests tab come from?


The documentation doesn’t say that you need to create any tests?

The tests in the submit request are only really checking that its bring back the correct collection, and that the two request names are correct. It’s not checking for the existence of any tests like some of the challenges will.

Thanks Mike for confirming.

I must have hit “generate test” when debugging my initial error messages to see what it does.

Have deleted the fork and re-done the challenge. No scripts for either of those sections - only last one.


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