Day 30 did not receive email and did not receive badge

I completed 30 tasks, sent Submit for badge, did not receive email and did not receive badge

Hey @spaceflight-meteoro1

Did you apply for it using this form?

I’m not seeing anything that looks like your name in the submissions.

I did not fill out this form, there is no such instruction in the description of the “30 day” task.

filled out the form and sent it

The second point on the documentation for that folder is showing you what to do:

Sending the request would have returned the link in the response:

That link would have navigated to the form, when opened in a browser.

Ensure that each individual day is passing before submitting your Workspace Id.

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Everything was as you write, but I couldn’t even think that the link in the answer should be used to go further to the browser and fill out the form

I’ve updated the instructions slightly and the response body:

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