Day 27: i'm getting a server error 500

“Oops! Something is wrong at our end! Please try again later.”,

In the New user work flow, when i’m making a request to get the user account summary i do get a server error.

Hey @science-cosmologist :wave:

Can you open the Postman console and share the URL and details of that request?

What is {{user_id}} resolving to?

It’s sending null as the id in the URL. Take a look at what you have set in that variable.

I did not persist the value when setting it.

Is it working now?

You’re going to need to expand on your responses in order for people to know what’s happening and what you’re doing.

I got the solution to the 500 error.

At first in the setting of the collection Variables. I had set the User_id and get back the json data but i had not set the

pm.collectionVariables.set(‘user_id’, pm.response.json().response.user_id)

at first i was not poniting it to the response i was directly connecting the user_id to the Json method making it having a null response. Also i persisited the value in the collection