Day 26 Why are the test results different?

This Desktop

This Firefox

Why are the test results different?

Desktop collectionVariables, key-links, value current copy value innitial, test results, passed

Firefox , test results, failed

I’m going to hazard a guess and say its probably related to initial vs current values.

Hit Send to ensure your collection variable contains an array of links. Then persist the collection variable so that the array is saved with the collection under INITIAL VALUE as well as CURRENT VALUE.

I thought so too


In your Firefox screenshot the current value for the collection ID is missing.

The situation with environments and collections is that the current values do not get exported.

They are only available locally.

Therefore, if you move between devices or in your situation, you move between the desktop and web client, the current value will not be included.

Initial value are included, and will be available across devices and clients.

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