Day 13: Getting 404 with


I am working on Day 13 of the Postman challenge, but I keep getting a 404 on

I looked at the repo, and it looks like it is no longer being maintained. However, I found is available.

Not sure what to do with my options.

  1. See if someone from Postman will update docs?
  2. Use a different URL and update the tests.
  3. Pray that the site will come back up.
  4. Something else…?
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Thanks @altimetry-cosmolog18 for identifying an alternative api url.
I had the same issue.
I did all the tests with this alternative api then in order to be able to submit I just updated the test submit (folder) > submit (request) > test script.
I’ll book mark this conversation so I too know what best to do.

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Hey @altimetry-cosmolog18 :wave:

Welcome to the Postman Community! :postman:

Thank you for flagging this :pray: - as we use a 3rd party API for this Collection, it’s out of our control if that goes down. :cry:

I’ve moved it all over to use the other API mentioned, to keep the other parts of the Collection functional.

I’ve also updated the Collection in the background that checks the completed daily tasks - This is different to the submit request that you use locally and any changes made in those tests wouldn’t pass the tests on the badge submission side.

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