Day 1- 15 days test challenge

Hi everyone!
I am not sure if there is any guidance provided for workspace name for 15 days challenge.
My test is failing.

It’s pretty much telling you what is wrong.

Your work space cannot include any of those keywords. (which at the moment, its got all of them).

You need to rename your work space.

I thought the same, but it should’ve been in the prerequisites. The instructions only mention forking the collection into your public workspace, which can have any name. Luckily, I didn’t solve too many problems before realizing this.

Hey @pstest09 :wave:t2:

It’s been done for discoverability purposes, we have thousands of people taking on these challenges and we could end up with thousands of Public Workspaces with the same name.

When folks search for the main challenge Workspace, it makes it more difficult to see which one is the original one.

Just so you know, I had the same issue wh en I did the challenge :sweat_smile:

I’ll take a look at the documentation and see if we need to add a line in there to highlight this naming convention.

Yes, I understand but my workspace name is different but contains same string so I can recognize by looking at it. So, I believe either test should be changed, or prerequisite should be added before people create workspace.
Once workspace is created only premium users are able to edit it

I’m on a free plan and I can edit personal, team and public work spaces that I’ve created.

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