Day 06: all tests are not passed

6/7 test are passed , when i submit collection. Is it ok to go next ‘day 7’
when i run New user workflow folder , all tests are passed. below are the screenshots.

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Can you share the full URL for the Public Workspace please?

Hello Everyone!
@research-pilot-44080 When I check your collection on Day 06 the first thing that shows up is the user_id variable. You shall generate a collection variable user_id for security purposes.

Besides, about adding authorization at step 7 of this assignment, the request header is called x-api-key.

After that, you may see that the name of the fourth request when we keep up to the scenario at step 7 is Get Account summary 2 which differs from Get Account summary Copy 2

I hope it may help to debug the test in failure.

You don’t have a successful response test in the create user request, you’re also trying the set variables again in the login request which wouldn’t be returned.

I would suggest reading through all the instructions again from the start and ensure that these details correctly match what’s required in the Collection.

The error shown is around how your tests have been added, something has not been defined where it should have been.

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