Day 02 - Version control tests failing on submission

I tried Day 2 task of 15 Days Tester API program.
I am getting 2 failed tests on submitting the task.
Correct collection returned | AssertionError: expected ‘feature-branch’ to equal ‘Day 02: Version control’
Correct fork returned | AssertionError: expected ‘Akhil_first_work’ to equal ‘feature-branch’

Although, i did how it has explained into documentation. can u please tell me

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To help you resolve “correct collection return” please double check your collection ID you can see it when you click on info icon while the original Day 02: Version control is selected not the forked one.

And to help you fix Correct fork returned make sure you are using the collection ID from newly forked collection i.e: feature-branch in this case.