Day 02: Collections and environments_got AssertionError


I’m struggling with passing the test. I checked the collections ID, collections name, and request names, but I still got a failed test result. When I checked the test results, it showed an AssertionError. There are two elements in the Item array of the Body, but I don’t know how to fix this. Please kindly see the details as follows.

request link


pm.test(“Item array is present and contains expected number of elements”,
function () {
const responseData = pm.response.json();



Failed Test Result

Item array is present and contains expected number of elements |
AssertionError: expected [ { …(4) }, { …(4) } ] to have a length of 1 but got 2

Hey @mission-saganist-721 :wave:

Welcome to the Postman Community! :postman:

I’m kinda not sure what you have done here - none of those Collections have been forked into your Workspace, from the original 30 Days Workspace.

None of your Collections/Folders have documentation and the test code has been removed. :thinking:

My suggestion would be to delete those Collections that you have in that Workspace, head back to the 30 days of Postman Workspace, fork them and start it all again.

Hi Danny,

Thank you for the reply and suggestion.
I didn’t know how to fork the collections into my Workspace then, but now I got it and solved the problem. The test results look ok as well.
Thank you for being so helpful!

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