Creating xml file

Hello, the API which im testing need a xml file as attachment. Is there any way to create a xml file with variables values from Postman ?


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There is a way to add files as part of the payload using form-data -

Would this resolve the issue? what’s the Content-Type that your API accepts?

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Could you please provide more context here?

So you are trying to generate a xml file based on some values with the request response and the after building the xml goes as input for another request?

additionally to the resource which @meenakshi.dhanani provided, can you please refer if this post helps :blush:

Thanks for your reply.

I need user to modify variables values from postman, then postman should create a xml file with this new values. Then, request the API with the new xml as attachment. The XML can’t be in the body request, need to be as attachment. I dont want user to modify the xml file directly.