Creating Documentation for New API : Not working - Got stuck at final step


I am trying to create documentation for a New API
So I start by New --> Advanced Section

But it is getting stuck at the final stage , step no:3
and it shows a ‘in-progress’ icon forever

Is any one facing this. any idea how to resolve it

Postman version: Postman v6.1.4 is the latest version , free version

Thanks & Warm Regards

Hey @musaffir,

We’re aware of this issue and it’ll be fixed in the next release of the App.


Hello @godfrzero

Thank you for your response, do you have a git-hub issue id that I can keep en eye on abt this ?

~ Cheers

@musaffir You can subscribe to this

Thanks you @SamvelRaja

@musaffir This fix has been landed in the canary channel.

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@musaffir This has been fixed in our latest version of the app :slight_smile: