Create requests from APIs (Collections vs. APIs)

Currently we have API requests in two forms

  • APIs: relates to API specifications
  • Collections: list of requests for testing (or learning) purposes

Sometimes it’s confusing whether the collection is:

  • an API spec (includes the API, documentation and all other stuff)
  • or a test suite (includes the requests, the requests can be repeated for different scenarios, includes the asserions, etc.)

I would like to keep specifications in APIs and use it in my collections, i.e.:

  • when creating a request
  • choose an endpoint from APIs
  • the endpoint would populate the requests params, request body etc.

In such scenario the collection requests would be driven by API specification, but the specification would remain in APIs and tests would come into Collections. So specification and test would be clearly separated.

Could you add such function into Postman – Create a request from an API endpoint?