Create request from template?

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I’ve spent a few days looking around for this, but I can’t seem to find the answer I’ve been looking for. I keep getting redirected to environment variables or pre-request scripts, which I don’t believe will be the answer to my request.

I wish to create a template request, which I can base all future requests from.
We’re starting automation fresh at this time, and all of our requests will have the same request URL (which I configured as a variable) and will always have the same opening and closing body.

Is it possible to create a request with this information prefilled?


I wish to have each “new request” I create to look exactly like this allowing me to add the contents inside.

Thanks for any assistance.

Hey @Seth-Rah

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Could you use a pre-defined curl request as your starting template? Using Import > Raw Text will allow you to create that same request each time, ready for you to add more contextual details to it.

curl -L -X GET '{{VPNServer}}' -H 'Content-Type: application/xml' --data-raw '{{Auth}} 

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Thanks, that definitely helps :slight_smile:

I’ll just store that in a file and import the file for each new request, and on save assign it to the desired collection.

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