Could not get any response - test


I would like to define a test that simply fails whenever a call returns the error “could not get any response”. Is that possible?

I simply need to detect whenever a service is not responding and fail a test.


Tests don’t run unless a response comes back.

Is there a specific request that might be down? You might be able to do something like this:

pm.sendRequest('https://invalidurl', function(err, res){
        pm.test('invalidurl is down', function() { pm.expect(false); });
    } else {
        pm.setNextRequest('invalidurl Request');

The only problem with this code is that it’s running async and your collection would continue to run. I’m not a node JS expert, so maybe there is a way to await it.

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Makes sense, thanks! Some limitations of Postman seem quite annoying to me :frowning:

I wanted to point out that there is a difference between the Postman App and Newman.

In Newman, even if there is no response, the tests will be executed and the collection run will fail.

Considering that I can manually observe in Postman that something went wrong, I won’t write additional code to handle this case.


Thanks!!! This is very, very good news for me.