Cookies being saved between iterations?

Describe the bug
When running a postman collection through multiple iterations my cookie are saving and causing issues. I am just recently able to “Run collection without stored cookies”, which I have been able to do with newman for a while now, BUT I want to now be able to run EACH iteration without using the previous cookies if possible.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Click on collection that (requires blank cookies before each run. i.e. login/tokens)
  2. Check the box for " Run collection without using stored cookies"
  3. Run Collection
  4. Watch iteration #1 run fine.
  5. Watch iteration #2 FAIL horribly. :wink:

Should this be set as a “feature request?” @dannydainton

Would this solve your issue?

Clearing cookies between each iteration

It might. But the fact remains that this is a gap in functionality that was not thought out. They gave up the ability to “Run collection without stored cookies”. It would be nice to be able to apply that to each iteration in the run as well.

For the time being though I could run a remove {{certain _cookie}} as part of my “cleanup” at the end of each test.