Converting saved global variable to string in test script

Hello, I want to assert dynamic user hash number in respond body in login api request. I created global variable of the dynamic user hash number and I have problem with assertion. I think it is because in console the number is a string and my global variable is not.

My question is, is it possible to convert a saved global variable to string to successfully assert with
body respond?


First thing is to work out what the variable actually is.


Once you know what it is, Postman is using JavaScript under the hood, so you just search on how to convert it to a string. Probably using toString().

However, I don’t really get your test. jsonObject is coming from the responseBody.
You then set a global variable using the info from jsonObject.

You then assert on the two. I don’t really get this test, as it will always be true.
How will you make the test fail, as you should do for all tests?