Convert script from POSTMAN TO JMETER

Hello I have written script in POSTMAN but i need to convert it in .jmx file format.if anyone can tell me how i can convert it from JSON to .jmx.

Maybe this might help?

That Loadium page has been broken for a while. We did this using the postmanctl CLI and have an example in that repo.

You can read instructions for downloading postmanctl here:

Then you can look at the and jmeter.tmpl files here:

Essentially, the call just fetches the collection and transforms it through the template file. The command looks something like this.

postmanctl get collection -o go-template-file="./jmeter.tmpl" <collection-uuid>

You can modify the template if needed.



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Loadium is not working for me.

These instructions are not clear for me.

That Loadium page has been broken for a while.

As @kevin.swiber stated :grin:

Please help as Lodium is not working for me .