Continuous Testing with Postman webinar - July 15

If you already know the basics of testing, it’s time to level up and talk about Test Automation. Developer Advocate, Joyce Lin and Engineering Manager, Trent McCann will talk about better practices for Continuous Testing with Postman and walk you through advanced testing workflows. Any testers or developers who want to spend less time manually testing their APIs should attend this session.

Topics include:

  • Run tests locally using the Collection Runner
  • Automate testing as part of your Continuous Integration pipeline using Newman
  • Run health and security checks using Monitors
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@joyce Hi Joyce, I have tried to join this session because of the internet issue. I couldn’t join the complete session. Can you please provide the link where I can re-watch your session? I registered for the same, but not received any link.

Hi there @swatitomer20 - sit tight, we’ll be sending an email out with the recording to registrants once the video is processed.

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Hi Joyce

I just sent you a message about the same thing directly so I will sit tight as well. :slight_smile:



Here’s the recording, and check out some of our past webinars too.


Thanks a ton ! @joyce got the email :smiley:.