Constant variable with random number

Hi All, I am newman here.

how can I have a same random integer in two tags in the body ?

for example:

"rollnumber" : "{{randomInt}}",
"studentNumber" : "{{randomInt}}"

I want to have a same random integer in both rollnumber and studentNumber

how to do that ?

@brahmajitammana Welcome to the community :bouquet:

Under your pre-request script you need to assign the random variable to a specific variable (scope can be based on your req).

Under prerequest script, please paste this:

pm.environment.set('int', pm.variables.replaceIn('{{$randomInt}}'));

Now you can use the variable int in both places

"rollnumber" : "{{int}}",
"studentNumber" : "{{int}}"

Hope this solves your issue :blush:
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In your pre-request script you can set a random number to a variable then use that variable in the body of your request.


const myRandomInteger = Math.floor(Math.random() * 1000);
pm.variables.set('myRandomInteger', myRandomInteger);


  "rollnumber" : {{myRandomInteger}},
  "studentNumber" : {{myRandomInteger}}