Concatenate two environment value

I want to concatenate the field in json body
name : “Bangalore,India”
But I have a city name and country name as environment variables respectively values are Bangalore and India respectively as they have dynamic value so how to concatenate the two environmental variable into one show as .
name : “Bangalore,India”

Hello @PradeepChintamani,

I’m not sure if I understood you correctly, but you want to use two environmental variables as a value for one parameter inside a JSON body is that correct?.

If so You should be able to do that by using the environmental variables side by side, after wrapping them with quotes.

Assuming that you have saved the variables city and country, I believe you can implement something like this:

"Location": "{{city}}{{country}}"


Here’s a screenshot that also has the information rendered on the server-side:

Alternatively, you can combine the two variables inside one, in a pre-request script like this:

Hopefully, this answers your question.

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Hey This worked for me @security-cosmologist