Compare Response With Envirment Variabel

Hey Guys I Have This Values In My Envirment Variabel

And Response Give Me This Values

How I Can Compare Two This In Test

This is my code by the way

Hello @science-architect-96 ,
If I understand correctly, are you wanting to compare if x values are being returned by the endpoint?

yes exatcly that i want

Right @science-architect-96
You can do it as follows, however if one of these items is not returned it will return failure, as follows :point_down:t4:

const jsonData = pm.response.json();

pm.test("Validate if items are returning", function(){
    pm.expect(jsonData.permissions).to.have.members(["manage_users","view_user_logs","authenticated","manage_profile", "manage_account", "verify_email"]);

Hope this helps :upside_down_face: