Come And Speak At POST/CON 24 πŸš€

POST/CON 24 is a premier opportunity to present your discoveries, experiments, and practical use cases, or to simply discuss your approaches to using Postman in your work. :postman: :heart:

:rotating_light: Submissions are due by January 23 at 11:59 pm ​​PST. Speakers will be announced by March 1.

We invite proposals from ALL speakers:

  • First-time
  • Second-time
  • Experienced speakers

Consider submitting a session on any of the topics below:

  • Enhancing the API Developer Experience
  • Using AI in the API Developer Ecosystem
  • API Design, Development, and/or Testing Strategies
  • Facilitating Developer Collaboration in API Development
  • Exploring API Discovery Techniques for Public, Private, or Partner APIs
  • Leveraging Postman for Multiprotocol Support: GraphQL, gRPC, WebSockets, MQTT

We accept submissions for any of the following:

  1. 15-minute lightning talk
  2. 30-minute standard breakout session
  3. 30-to-45-minute panel discussion including Q&A


:memo: Content Guidelines


  • For your content, keep in mind the event themes/topics.
  • Content should be tailored to our target audience: CTOs, VPs of engineering, engineering managers, API software development engineers, QA/testers, API product managers, and DevOps.
  • Show, don’t tell: When planning a presentation, try to show the product in action. E.g., if discussing a Postman feature, ideally do a live demo (or show a pre-recorded screen-capture movie or screengrab), rather than present a slide with bullet points.

Looking forward to your talks!

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