Check if object exists in array in response body before performing test

Hi all,

I want to check if the language returned in the different objects of the response body is the same as the accept-language in the request headers. Not all objects are required so if an object is not present in the response body, I want the test to be skipped.

When the object I check is not part of an array, I use following test:

var jsonData = pm.response.json();
var language = pm.request.headers.get(‘Accept-Language’);

if (jsonData.recipe.title) {
pm.test(“Recipe title language equals accept-language”, function () {
} else {
pm.test.skip(“Recipe title does not exist”, function () {

However, this does not work when the object I want to check is part of an array, for example in this situation:

if (jsonData.recipe.lines.ingredient){
pm.test(“Line ingredient name language equals accept-language”, function () {
else {
pm.test.skip(“Line ingredient name does not exist”, function () {

How can I change

if (jsonData.recipe.lines.ingredient)

so that it checks if ingredient is present within the lines array?

Thank you very much for your feedback,

Change the assertion from to.equal to includes.


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