Check attributes get response

Hello, i’m trying to check the value of an attribute returned by get request. I want to check that the status is correct, and versión.
For example:

"id": "XXXXX",

"statuses": [


        "version": 1,

        "user": "AAAAA",

        "department": "BBBBB",

        "status": "CCCCC",

        "action": "DDDDD",

        "date": "2021-03-29 07:21:21 +0000",

        "last": false



        "version": 2,

        "user": "EEEEE",

        "department": "FFFFFF",

        "status": "JJJJJ",

        "action": "KKKKK",

        "date": "2021-03-29 07:22:46 +0000",

        "last": true



Hello there,
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I didn’t understand your question properly.
If you want to access version and status.
You can access them like this.
First save the response in the test script.
var response = pm.response.json();


    response.statuses.forEach(status => {
      const version = status.version;
      const stat = status.status;

I hope this will help you.
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

I want to check the value, for example that the response contains the version 1 and 2, and the status X and Y.

Thansk for all!

Hi @alejandroescribano similar to @thefierycoder code you can try to add the below assertion to get the version and status

for (var i=0; i<resp.statuses.length; i++)

 pm.test("Checking Version" , function () 

pm.test("Checking Status" , function () 


You can view the Chai Assertion Library to view more assertions syntax to get your work done.

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YES! I can do it! Thanks, very much.

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