Changing workspace from private to public


So I just completed all the 29 day challenges and wanted to submit the pull request, when I noticed that my workspace was set to personal.

When I try and change it I get the message “Update to public visibility rate limited”. SO, I tried creating a new public workspace, but I then got the message “Public creation rate limited”.

Can someone explain how I can either convert the personal workspace to public or create a new public and then clone all the challenges and solutions?

I am the only user of this Postman account, so should have full rights to everything.


That’s a snag I came across, as well. I was able to resolve the same way it sounds like you attempted to… by creating a new public workspace and copying my work over. Would you mind sharing a screen shot of the error message?

Here are both the screenshot when I try and convert from personal to public and when I try and create a new public workspace

Hi Ruby,

I shared the screenshots, but I am still not able to create a new public workspace. I have created a private one without any issue, but there seems to be something not working when trying to create public workspaces on my account

Hi Perthiessen, looks like this could be account related. Please have our Support team take a look by submitting a request here.