Can I send file in PUT ( I can with POST)

I had a working WS call which successfully sent a file to ORDS and updated the DB. I’ve had to change the handler from a POST to a PUT and now it doesn’t work. I get the following error;

To confirm I changed from Postman call from a POST to a PUT and I’ve changed the ORDS module from POST to a PUT

I’ve changed other WSs in exactly that same way that don’t process files, the JSON is passed in from the HEADER and these conversions work successfully. It appears that you cannot pass files into PUT Web Services. If I copy the contents of my file into the HEADER it works successfully.

Any help appreciated.

I think you can send file using PUT

While using Postman especially when you test file upload ensure that,

  1. in Headers:
  • The Content-type field has been set as multipart/form-data in Headers.
  1. in Body:
  • form-data option should remain as default.
  • Choose File option instead of text from the dropdown on the right side.
  • Type File in the text box where the placeholder is key.

Check: javascript - Upload a file with PUT/POST method on POSTMAN - Stack Overflow