Calling https url from native app. Not able to see certificate in the console

I am doing an https get call from postman native app. Call is successful and i am able to pull the data. I just want to understand what certificates are being used so i pressed ctrl+alt+c but i do not see any certificate section as mentioned in the url : both http and https get call are successful . not sure how is that possible.

Can you try going to the wrench in the top right, and clicking there without the shortcut to see if the settings open?
Try to take a screenshot if it’s not there.
Also what version of Postman are you using?

Thanks for replying. I am using Postman v7.2.2. I clicked on top right corner at the wrench icon and selected ‘settings’ . it opened. That is not the issue.
I can also go to ‘certificates’ tab in that. There are no certificates there because i have not checked in any. But i am still able to https get call to one of the rest APIs successfully. and when i try to check in console , i do not see the certificate information so not sure whether postman is doing an https get and what ssl certificate is it using if it is using one at all.
Hope this clarifies.

Hmmm that is interesting.

Out of curiosity, do you get anything in your console when your try: ?