Bulk editing the response header of an example

Is there a way to bulk edit the header of an example?

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Unfortunately, there is no way to bulk edit multiple examples in one go.

However, if you set a specific header as a variable (as below), you only need to update the variable value when necessary.

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Thank you for your reply @taehoshino.
Let me clarify my question. I want to bulk edit an example response header. It can be done easily for the request header but not for the response.

Thanks for getting back and clarifying your query :pray:

I understand what you would like to achieve is to have a “Bulk Edit” option (shown in below image) for response header as for the request header, correct?

That sounds like a useful feature to have :slightly_smiling_face:
We track our issues publicly on GitHub and would love for you to file this request there so other customers can also weigh in.
Our product managers use that feedback to prioritize and add items to our development roadmap :wink:

Thank you again. I will add it on github.

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