Binary file load error: invalid or missing file source

In between my “Request Pre-Request Script” and my “Collection Tests”, I am seeing the following error in the console.log.
“Binary file load error: invalid or missing file source”

I have verified that the error has occurred outside of the “Request Pre-Request Script” and “Collection Tests” by adding a console.log at the start and end of each.
There are no folders in the collection, only one request/test.
I am not uploading any files in the collection or Request.
It appears that everything in the “Request Pre-Request Script” and “Collection Tests” is working correctly, so the only issue is that I see the message in the logs when running via the postman user interface. I have not tried this with newman.

Why is this error occuring?

Hey @jilllancaster

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Would you be able to expand of this a little bit more and tell us about the environmental details? OS, Postman version etc.

Also, if you’re able to share the collection file so that other people could import this and try it locally, it might help you get an answer quicker.

Thanks for the response. Some of the information you requested is:

Environment Info:
• I am using Postman Desktop App v7.0.9 to create and test the tests in a test workspace.
• Postman is installed on Windows 10 Enterprise x64 - win32 10.0.17763 / x64
• Web Services under test are a combination of json and xml.
• No browser testing is being done by these scripts, only web services.

Console log I see the following, where the Script END statement is the last line in the Test Pre Request Script and the Collections Tests Start statement is the first line in the Collection Tests.

10:23:25.589 vendor-shared.js:553414 ************ API Test Demo TEST Pre Request Script END *******************
10:23:25.606 vendor-shared.js:553414 Binary file load error: invalid or missing file source
10:23:30.736 vendor-shared.js:553414 ************COLLECTION TESTS START *******************

When you click on the vendor-shared.js:553414, it takes you to the Sources line starting with Function.prototype…

In vendor-shared.js
// this fails for some browsers. :frowning:
if (originalConsoleLevel) {, global$3.console, args);

I am hoping this info will make the cause obvious however, if not I will upload collection for trial if needed.