Basic:Can postman collection having folder contain test cases

This is a basic one ,if i need to organize all the 200 plus test cases in one big collection with having folders to accommodate the same . The question is will newman reporter like htmlreporterextra will be able to execute all of these test cases within that collection and provide report.
So will that show in the UI that folders are present ? and you can expand them.


What happened when you ran the collection?

Did you see something that you were not expecting?

@danny-dainton thanks …i drilled through the images that are there in the htmlreportextra ,i see that report contains folder. Now the build is run & waiting for the response.

The images added to the repo are of the default view/template, of the reporter so that it can work out of the box.

Collections with sub folders will run and the tests within those folders will be shown.

This is not tailored to all contexts and use cases though, if you require something different, you need to look at creating your own templates to meet those needs.

The underlying data from Newman will remain the same, it will just be presented in a different way on the HTML page.

More information about how to start making templates can be found here:

Thanks @danny-dainton