Base64 encoding with a key

I have a scenario to encode my request body into base64 with a key. And here is the key which works in JS but uses JSEncrypt library. I am unable to use this library and did not find a way to install js libraries in postman. Can someone help me here, this is the step one and post this i would be able to build my API automation suite.

var encrypt = new JSEncrypt();
var encrypted = encrypt.encrypt("{“customerId”: “10000001111111”, “password”: “abcd123”, “timeStamp”: “1574839679”}");

Hi @qatest1305 and welcome here! :smiley:

You cannot install new libraries at the moment but Postman come with a few preinstalled one as you can see on the Postman Sandbox page.
This includes CryptoJS which should allow you to do what you’re asking for.