Azure functions and {{baseUrl}} parametrization

I have created 4 environments to test a set of Azure functions, now each of the functions has its own URI but when testing locally, they all point to the same location. Now I am trying to figure out how to do this.
I have like

POST https://myfunction1-{{baseUrl}}/runtime/webhooks/EventGrid?functionName=myfunction1

Here, baseUrl would point to the respective environment. But the issue is that when testing locally, every function points to


(myFunction1 is substitute for function naming, there are a few different ones)

I am not figuring out how to configure this the best way. Perfect would be if I could use a condition in variables like {{env.Local ? $functionName : localUri }} kind of runtime evaluation of a value (env.Local) and conditionally use either the functionName parameter or the localUri variable.

Flying high here, I know.

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