Automatically retrieving paginated responses


I have just started using Postman and I’m trying to search out the answers myself, but failing to find the information I need so any help much appreciated. Even if just a steer on what to search for!

I have an API endpoint that has over 38,000 items, to access the items the url is paged:
returns 100 items on page 1
returns the next 100 items on page 2 and so on

So far I can work out how to call each page individually and I have created a collection that can run individual calls in one batch, but so far I’ve only been able to get that to work by manually creating each get call and adding to the collection.

Is there a way to create one get call that automatically adds the increment to the url until there are no more results to get? Then, can I download the responses to each call as one file?



I have the same requirement - does no-one know? Surely this is a VERY common request? :frowning: