Authorization Token / Bearer Token - multiple scopes?


This is my first time working with something like an API and I only have very limited programming knowledge. I am trying to get data from an API database for a research project and I am running into a problem with authorization.

I was able to obtain an OAuth 2.0 token with my credentials but the database I want to access requires additional authorization.
This is the guide I am using: Lightcast API

The guide says the following: “All endpoints require an OAuth bearer token. Tokens are granted through the Authorization API at and are valid for 1 hour. For access to the UK Jobs API, you must request an OAuth bearer token with the scope jobs .”

So the first thing I did was to go into my authorization header and change the type to “Bearer Token”. The area on the right hand side wants me to enter a Token, but I don’t really know what that means and it won’t let me specify a scope or anything else either.

Next, I went back into my other authorization request (the one that was successful) and added the “jobs” scope by adding a space to my original scope and then typing jobs. That request was not successful due to an invalid scope.

Anyone here with more than absolute noob knowledge who knows what the guide wants from me?

Many thanks!

Here is a public example of someone adding an authorization helper for the Lightcast API: Postman You can see how they set up their credentials in order to generate a bearer token.

Otherwise, perhaps you can see similarities with how OAuth is implemented using this API for guidance: Authorization helper for OAuth 2.0 | Postman Level Up - YouTube

Hi Joyce,

thank you so much for your reply!
Going through the public Postman collection definitely helped tremendously. The console still returns an invalid scope error message but since I can’t find where I went wrong and the other scope worked just fine, I contacted the API provider and asked for help.

Thank you very much again!