Authorisation and Header sections in Postman Documentation

Hi all,

I’m looking for some advice as to why my API key header is not being set in the documenter:

Below, I am setting the Key to x-api-key but that doesn’t seem to be pulling through to the above screenshot.

I’m unable to edit this section in the documenter so not sure where else to look.

Thanks in advance

Hi @DylDelport

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From the screenshots attached, it looks like the details are set as expected. May I know if you are looking for the declared variables (x-api-key) to be defined in the documenter? If yes, then this isn’t possible as of now.

If I’ve mistaken the query, please elaborate on this to help us understand this better.

Hi @subramanya.raj

Thank you for taking the time to look into my issue. Your understanding is correct, however, in this case, the ‘x-api-key’ is not a variable but rather the header key. Ultimately, I would like to see this text in the documentation instead of ‘key’. The Value text seems to be coming through quite fine but I am unsure why is shown regardless of what I set in the collection.

Thank you! Currently, we are converting any hardcoded authorization key to < placeholders >.

We have informed the team on the same and will be updating these details to documentation as well. If you have any feedback regarding documentations, I would encourage you to post the same here on GitHub where the requests/ bugs regarding the application are tracked :slight_smile:


@DylDelport you could do the same for ‘Key’.

Add a variable {{x-api-key}} to your environment with initial value set as ‘x-api-key’. This will let you customize the placeholder that you would like for your documentation.

We replace any non-variables or hardcoded values in the auth section with default placeholders to avoid accidental leaks. Hope this helps. If you have any further feedback please report it on Github.


Hi @rajasimha.chinta and @subramanya.raj

Thank you both for your explanations, I managed to understand and successfully implement

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