AsyncAPI: Introduce UI tests and refactoring in the website

We need automation tests to run on the PR level which checks the overall build and codebase of the changes made in the PR. It should cover all the aspects of testing the website and the scripts running inside it. The idea of this project is not only to add UI tests, but also to refactor some parts in code to effectively create tests on it.

What are UI tests?
User Interface testing, also known as UI testing or GUI testing, tests the application’s visual elements to validate proper functionality and expected performance. It ensures that UI functions and application components have no defects, such as icons, radio buttons, text boxes, toolbars, color, fonts, checkboxes, windows, and menus. The primary aspects of UI testing are functionality, performance, usability, compliance, and visual design of the software application to make sure the application works successfully and satisfactorily.

Why do we need this?
We do need these tests because of following reasons:

  • we have no tests to test the components and the functions inside it.
  • more and more scripts are added to the repository
  • no tests, means nothing forces us to write clearer and testable small functions.
  • soon website maintenance/contribution will become hard as more and more addition of code will make Duplication and inconsistency inside the codebase.

Learn more here asyncapi/website#1090


Project Repo:

Expected Difficulty:

Expected Time Commitment:
175 Hour

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Hey , I am Aadrika Bhargava a software engineer based in India , with an experience in developing pixel perfect user interfaces . I have an expertise in frontend technologies like React and Next and I am interested for this project . Is there any chat channel I could join and move ahead .
Also a quick question , we need tests for the UI components only , or also tests to check PRs and workflows too ?