Assert that value in response matches one of regex values in array

I have an array of regex strings that match possible values in a response
let bathroom_values = [/^Bathroom=Full ([0-9])$/, /^Bathroom=1/2 ([0-9])$/, /^Bathroom=3/4 ([0-9])$/, /^Bathroom=1.5 ([0-9])$/]

I have confirmed that these are valid. The first regex value in the array matches the value in the response which is Bathroom=Full (2)

How do I check that the value in the response which is bathroom matches one of the values in the array?
I tried pm.expect(bathroom).to.match(/^Bathroom=Full ([0-9])$/) and that passes so Im assuming I just cant find the correct assertion.
Trying fails with AssertionError: expected [ ‘Bathroom=Full (2)’ ] to be one of [ Array(4) ]

Hopefully I included enough information. Thank you in advance!