Apidays Paris (In-Person / Virtual) - December 14-16th

Postman is thrilled to invite you to apidays Paris, a hybrid in-person and virtual conference discussing going beyond API regulations for finance, insurance, and healthcare.

:wave: Stop by the Postman booth and say hi! Use promo code POSTMAN50 for a 50% discount.

Don’t miss these Postman talks:

  • APIOps is here: what will you build in an API-first world? @pooja-mistry
  • The API-First Lifecycle @arlemi
  • OpenAPI does what Swagger don’t @arnaudlauretpostman
  • Async API and schema format complexity Jonas Lagoni

What is apidays? :thinking:

Come learn about what APIs have in store for the next 10 years? The API Mindset to think platform, the APIs to release value and data internally, as well as collaboration between teams. Even developing products in the form of APIs and allowing non-technical profiles to create applications thanks to No-Code, and much more!