API Designer Contract Testing Reference Schema from API Spec


I’ve been setting up contract tests for my API that is designed using the API Designer. With following the webinar by Kin Lane, contract testing was shown off. One thing that I found difficult was the separation of the schema to test with and that of the API spec in the designer.

The strategy used in the webinar series is to have the API spec in the API designer where that is the central truth. I like this. But the contract test is validating the API response by using a copy of the object schema, which is a portion of the API spec in the designer, by having it in the environment variables. Maintaining the response schema in two places could lead to forgetting to update the test, or inconsistencies where contract tests pass but API design and contract test are out of sync with each other.

It would be nice if the postman test library in the Response Test section of a Request, would be able to reference a component schema in the API spec in the designer instead of the environment variable.

Thank you for your time.



Have you added this to their feature requests on Github?

I had not, sorry. If you feel inclined, add it and comment on here for others to know.

Added this as a feature request in Postmans Github project. Postman Feature Request